Shipping products – Payment methods

Delivery - Partners in Greece


Fast delivery even in special structures.

Immediate repair of umbrellas.

Construction of umbrellas in order to directly meet your own requirements.

Deliveries through Attica and through direct itineraries.

Specialised partners in many areas.

Product Shipping

By shipping carrier

For areas where there are no direct partners, our company bears the transportation costs to the agency in Athens or in Thessaloniki. The customer can either directly receive the products by his own means or we can undertake the delivery to the headquarters (the customer bears the transshipment costs from the second agency to the headquarters).

Shipping with our own means

For product shipping in routes that coincide with our regular itineraries or the size of the order demands so, the customer does not bear the transport costs.

For any further information or clarification please contact us.

Monday- Friday: 09:00 − 19:00

Phone number: 27210 62320

Mobile phone: 6932702340-2

Fax: 27210 62321


Payment methods

Bank deposit

After communicating with us for the exact amount of the deposit, you can choose one of our bank accounts and deposit the agreed amount indicating in the deposit slip your full name.
Then, you inform us either byphone at +30 27210 62320 or +30 6932702340-2 or viaemail or send a fax at +30 2721062321 to proceed to the necessary work and complete your order.

Other ways

By check upon relevant control, and for a part of the amount, on pay upon delivery etc., always upon agreement.