Beach – Pool Umbrellas

Made in Greece

Umbrellas of high endurance for pools and the beach. They are constructed by aluminum 10Χ15 or 15Χ30 with main aluminum mast F40- F50. Aluminum masts can be electrostatically painted in the colour of your choice.

A usual dimension in F230 round, but also squared 2Χ2 2.5Χ2.5 and there is also the possibility of using perforated windproof material instead of fabric. It is also possible for your advertising message to be printed on the sides of the umbrella (languages) or upon the sides.

You can choose the fabric among our fabric colours in order to make it perfectly fit with the aesthetics of your space. The umbrella base could also be made by cement, metal flange, galvanized flange etc. according to your needs.

Light Duty Umbrella - Import

Beach- Patio (Pool) Umbrellas.

We have the series of light duty umbrellas imported in order to cover your needs at a relatively low cost.

They are available in basic colours. They are recommended for areas with mild weather.

The dimensions you can choose are F200 and F250 and can be secured in the sand and under wedge. It is possible to be printed for advertising purposes.

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