Patio and Garden Umbrellas

We can make any type of umbrella destined for your home or your holiday house. We adjust the umbrella according to your requirements. Your umbrella is made with quality standards for professional use, which means resistance, durability and aesthetics that matches your space. We manufacture umbrellas of any type and in any size.  

We repair or replace the fabric on your umbrella when required. As manufacturers we always have a stock of spare parts.

In order to make the umbrella that best suits your needs:

  1. Go to Umbrellas and see the categories of our professional umbrellas (heavy type, telescopic, cantilever offset)
  2. Then choose fabric from the Colour Chart
  3. Go to Umbrella Bases to find the options available.
  4. Find in Support details about the delivery of your umbrella
  5. Contact us for any detail-additional information

Enjoy your Own Umbrella!

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