Create your own umbrella in six simple steps

  1. You give us the dimensions of the space you want to put the umbrellas and we recommend you the dimensions of the umbrellas that best suit you.
  2. You inform us about the use-conditions of the space (brown, tall items underneath etc.) and the usual prevailing weather conditions (e.g. intense winds, etc.) and we adjust the height, the technical parts related to the strength of the umbrella.
  3. You can choose among a large variety of coloured fabrics, the colour and type of fabric that can be best combined with your space. You have the possibility to select a colour even for the skeleton of the umbrella.
  4. Depending on how you want to anchor the umbrella into the ground, we propose the most appropriate means of support (cement-transferable base, flange, anchoring base etc.)
  5. If you wish, we can print on your umbrella your brand, your advertising message with silk screen print or digital print.
  6. We complete our construction with additional equipment and details such as gutters among the umbrellas, side shades, and other minor adjustments.