Umbrellas with Special Designs

Half umbrellas

The ideal and affordable solution for the shading of terraces, narrow sidewalks and spaces where we want the pole to be at the edge, rather than in the centre, of the umbrella. It works in the same way as a common umbrella. Length in front of the pole up to 2 m., and at the back 30-40 cm. Maximum size 4×2.5m.

Suggested Umbrella Bases

Triangular umbrellas

Ideal for corner points where an ordinary umbrella or a folding construction cannot be a solution. With this umbrella you get an open-plan space that you can use more efficiently. Sizes up to 5 metres, from simple to telescopic construction.

Other special types

Umbrellas with solar panels to charge mobile phones-tablets, star-umbrellas, umbrellas with windows, umbrellas hanging from solid construction, tulip umbrellas etc. Umbrellas made according to your requirements regarding measurements and designs; adjustments even for umbrellas of size 1×3, 2×4, 2×5 etc. Use of additional materials e.g. fringes, nylon etc.

Form of interest