Corporate identity

Who we are

The company ISKIOS – INDUSTRY OF PROFESSIONAL UMBRELLAS manufactures both umbrellas of high strength and quality for use in cafes, restaurants, beaches, swimming pools, hotels, houses, and advertising umbrellas. Specifically, we trade in professional umbrellas as follows:

Why to choose us

Know-how and modern equipment

We have the know-how and modern equipment to manufacture umbrellas of high quality and durability.

Printed with your logo and branded

Your logo or your advertising message printed on the umbrella with screen and digital printing or stamp.

Durable Fabrics

Fabrics in every imported colour & Greek acrylic and polyester Protection, Dickson, etc. with a long-durability guarantee

High quality standards

Our goal is to make products with the highest quality standards along with competitive prices.

Specific requirements

We manufacture products according to the specific requirements of each customer-partner even for small quantities.

Services offered all over Greece

We cover a lot of areas of Greece, either directly or through our authorised partners.

Greek and Qualitative products

Our products are manufactured in Greece.

Our raw materials are derived from Greek aluminium factories.

For the intermediate stages of our construction we cooperate with many other Greek companies.

We believe in Quality, Innovation, and Flexibility that can be achieved with the Greek products through continuous and serious effort.