Frequent questions

See the answer to various questions that concern you.

What kind of fabric should I choose?

Reasons to Choose Acrylic:

  • When the colour of the fabric is intense and is hardly altered over the years, there is a wide range of colours.
  • There is a very wide range of colors.

Reasons to choose polyester:

  • High resistance to tearing
  • absolute waterproofing
  • lower cost.

I would like to repair the fabric of my umbrella

It is economically advantageous for professional umbrellas. The fabric is indicatively about half of the cost of the umbrella. Since there is not significant damage and has not exceeded five years of use, it is better to be repaired.

There are umbrellas on offer?

Our company has occasionally umbrellas on offer which come to us either after exchange or refund, or by cancelled orders. It is recommended to contact us if you are interested, to let you know if there is something in stock, and if not, to put you in a mailing list.

I would like to repair the skeleton of my umbrella

It is of great importance to specify the exact parts you would like to repair-replace and after contacting the manufacturer in order to confirm whether you can implement the repair instructions given to you. In case you ask the manufacturer to send you the relevant parts, you’d better check the relevant table of parts first concerning your umbrella in order to avoid any mistake during the order of the parts.

I want to properly maintain my umbrella, I want to avoid damage.

The following steps are necessary for the proper maintenance of our umbrella:

  1. I close the umbrella promptly in extreme weather conditions.
  2. When I do not use them, I store them in a place where no other heavy items are upon them, and it is also recommended to be stored in a case that most professionals umbrellas have
  3. I care for the immediate repair of any damage before causing a bigger one.
  4. When I close them temporarily, I tether them in order to save more free space and I avoid any unexpected opening.
  5. When I try to open the umbrella and I have difficulties with it, I should check if any side of the fabric is accidentally stuck to the aluminums and then I unravel it.
  6. Common sense implies that the umbrella does not require great strength to open, because if we push it too much we might cause damages to the fabric or to the skeleton.

I do not want any water exuding from the points where umbrellas come in contact with each other.

The best solution is to install a rain fabric gutter with aluminum sides, which you will hang on the inside of each side of the umbrella and you then give the incline you want in order to drive the water to the side that does not cause any problem.

Which size of umbrella should I choose to cover my space (restaurant, café etc.)?

Our first step is to see the exact square meters of our space without any items (obstacles) within. Then, the manufacturer of the umbrella recommends the ideal size of the umbrellas that completely cover the space and at the same time only a few obstacles are created by the mast of the umbrellas.

Reasons to choose a telescopic instead of a conventional umbrella

When I want the umbrella to cover big surfaces (up to 30m2).

It facilitates the direct opening-closing without moving chairs-tables.

Under extreme weather conditions as it regards a heavy construction (main mast has 9.5 cm diameter), radii are 2×4 and they are also included in reinforced or aluminum.

Which base should I use for my umbrellas?

The most ideal solution is to use a flange base or anchoring, unless other reasons prevent us to do so, such as not to be able to make a hole in the point I want to put the umbrella or if I want to move the umbrella and in that case I use my cement base or a metal plate.

I want to secure the umbrella with a flange, but also minimize rust over time

You should choose a base which will be at least hot-dip galvanized.

I want my logo to be printed on the umbrella.

It is easy and at a normal cost, even for one umbrella. When it comes to the logo, you can send it via email to us.Keep in mind that logos can be printed on the umbrella when it is still in pieces and not to be delivered.

I want the skeleton of my umbrella to have the colour that best fits my space.

White is the usual colour for skeletons. The skeleton of your umbrella could have the colours of your choice, but in that case the cost is more expensive, but becomes less when the quantity of the umbrellas to be painted is bigger (electrostatically painted).

I would like to first see the fabric of my umbrella, before I order it.

We can send you all the colours of the fabrics we use, in order for you to see the fabric in its natural form.

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