Professional Umbrellas

Construction of Professional Umbrellas

Construction of professional umbrellas for cafés, restaurants, hotels, beaches, swimming pools, houses;
umbrellas in all dimensions according to your requirements. 2X2, 3X3, 4X4, 5X5, etc

Why should you choose an umbrella by ISKIOS

Find the umbrella that meets your needs


Canopy type or single tilt umbrella

Ideal for expanding your outdoor areas without any intervention in the building.

Heavy Duty Umbrellas

Umbrellas with commercial durability, ideal for any kind of space, either store or house

Umbrellas with mast sideways

Ideal for spaces where the mast can be a problem and aesthetics of a professional design is a priority

Telescopic Umbrellas

Ideal for large spaces, designed to withstand all weather conditions

Beach – Pool Umbrellas

When we want shading to be combined with durability and high aesthetic sense of a professional design

ειδικές κατασκευές ομπρελας

Special Designs

We construct umbrellas meeting your own requirements in dimensions and designs. Triangular umbrellas are ideal for corners. Special dimensions even for 1×3 , 2×4, 2×5 etc. Use of additional materials on the umbrella such as fringe, naylon etc.

Large ATLAS umbrellas

Umbrellas suitable for high resistance to weather conditions and for spaces larger than 5 metres. Central pole thickness 5 mm with iron runners of 12 stretchers.

Patio and Garden Umbrellas

We can make any type of umbrella destined for your home or your holiday house. We adjust the umbrella according to your requirements.

ομπρελες λαικης

Umbrellas for Outdoor Market

Dimensions of 2x2 , 3x3, 4x4, 4x3. Made with waterproof trowel for high durability under difficult conditions of use.

Used Umbrellas

There are also used umbrellas of really good quality available. You can contact us to see if any can meet your needs.

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