Light duty offset umbrellas

Ideal for spaces where the pole in the centre of the umbrella is a problem, and the weather conditions are mild. The entire frame of the umbrella can be electrostatically painted in the colour of your choice. A roller-rope is used for the opening and closing. The base can be made to rotate when needed and measurements can be accordingly adjusted. The central pole of the umbrella is made of iron 50×50, the stretchers are made of aluminum 15×30 with special reinforcements in large sizes. All parts are inox. Technical support and spare parts are available on an ongoing basis since they are all products of our production line.

Possible sizes

  • Square: 2×2 – 2,5×2,5 – 3×3
  • Parallilogrammes: 2×2,5 – 2×3 1,5χ2,5

Form of interest

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